Extreme Wheels Show 2004 ~ Photos by Mark Harley
This was the first indoor show for more years than I care to remember, the last Custom show here was in 1982 and was the "Ally Pally Custom Car Show". On the way over I met up with Mark Pointing aka "Toad" and his family on the north circular, so we cruised in to Alexandra Palace together. The venue itself was as impressive as ever, having been completely refurbished recently and is an architectral wonder on its own.

Entering the halls we were greeted with a large array of rods 'n racers with a few kustoms and some hot hatches. (oh and some hot totty too!)

I will let the pictures do most of the talking, (click on any to enlarge) we met loads of friends wandering around and caught up with what has been happening during the winter months, since we last saw each other last year.
Met a nice model called Cindy who kindly posed by this cool custom bike for me, then went on to see the now restored "Nickleodeon" built by Nick Butler so many years ago now.
In the Palm Hall, we were met with this very tasty fuel altered, immaculately turned out. As was the "Big red 'n' loud" Mopar & the yellow flamed Camaro. Check out the really trick front panels on the blown Daimler Hemi powered Pop. Complete flip front/forward hinged top panel/ AND forward hinged wings while the centre stayed in place!!
Moving on to the Custom Car stand area there was an 'Andy Robinson' built chassis featuring trick cantilever rear shox and showing just how complicated race chassis are nowadays. On the CC stand we were greeted by the very sexily vamped up "Susie" mmmm.................*ahem* where was I? oh yeah and some cool gassers. Check out that tough Zodiac.
There was some excellent drag machines there notably this bike and the mega powerful looking streamlined Pop. Check out the smooth aerodynamic bodywork packed full of high performance parts sitting on the Fuel Funny car, oh and the car aint bad either!! Hmmm......nice bike ;o)
There were some mental machines as well, like this twin jet engined go kart, the T bodied blown big block powered snow car/rod....?
and the insane 5 blown big block powered tractor, you can never have too much power!!!!!!!
Then there were the Kustoms, I have only one car photo'd, but what a car! The first photo shows how it was when first purchased, pretty sorry for itself you will agree, but look how it is now! major respect! not one peice of metal not been reshaped and a very trick interior too.
Finally these three, another full view of the trick flip fronted Ford Pop, then this real nice blown flathead powered 32 Roadster and the mildly painted (yeah right!) Dayglo Twister Pop often seen competing in the Outlaw Anglias series at the drags.
Cool Pop

Cool Pop1.
  32 roadster

32 roadster.
  Dayglo twister

Dayglo twister.
Well that was it, a pretty good show all in all, some empty areas due to no-shows of cars aparrently, but for the first indoor show for years I think it was a success, and hope it will be repeated next year even bigger and better.
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