Xtreme Wheels 2005 - Photos by Mark Harley.

This is the second outing for this show, with better organization and more cars.
My mate Chris and I went to see the show and catch up with old friends after the winter.
On arrival we bought our tickets (£15.00) only to find out we could have got some complimentary ones from one of our friends who was exhibiting, grrrrrr!!!

Entering the Palm court there was a Funny car from Santa Pod Raceway and a green square thing (well a jap minivan) that had been juiced by Rayvern Hydraulics, trick, but not our thing.

We then went down the entry corridor, where there was an impressive display of "tot rods" on show.

Entering the main hall we were presented with the full array of Racers, rods, customs, and rice racers.

I will let the photos tell the story from here, with a few comments.

New Mustang looks good 'n purposeful, not as sure about the Calibra with the 37 Ford panelwork though, damn clever but does it really work? Classic charger could host a party inside, its big!!!
2005 Mustang

2005 Mustang.
Calibra with 37 ford panels

Vauxhall Calibra with 37 ford panels!
67 Charger

67 Charger.
Anglia van

Anglia van.
Tidy little Anglia van had modern underpinnings, 4 cylinder V twin was supercharged and nitrous injected!!
Caddy and Camaro looked as good as ever.
Anglia van engine

Anglia van engine.
Blown quad twin.

Blown quad twin.


Haven't seen this FA Victor for a while, but it looked immaculate, as did the next 3 fords.
FA Victor

FA Victor.
Fat 40

Fat 40.
Ford Anglia

Ford Anglia.
Ford Pilot

Ford Pilot.
Did not see as many girls this year, but these 2 posed for me, Incantation Pop has been fully restored recently, this Pop goes waaaaaay back! Lola & GT40 looked most impressive.

Grand Am

Grand Am.
Incantation Pop

Incantation Pop.
Lola and GT40

Lola and GT40.
'Money Hungry' Camaro still going strong after 20+ years, still with the original early pound notes in the paintwork! Shotgun scoops, aint they the biz? Nostalgia drags were there in force, this being a very nice example, very tidy interior in this Pop.
Money Hungry

Money Hungry.

Nostalgia dragster

Nostalgia dragster.
Pop interior

Pop interior.
Pro Mod 57 Chevy debuted here, and don't it just look great? Great Ed Roth paintwork on Steve Lang's Ranchero truck, this is a recent import. Cool supercharger on this bike, mini 6-71 would suit many euro 4 pots I reckon?
Pro Mod 57

Pro Mod 57.
Pro Mod 57 rear

Pro Mod 57 rear.
Roth Art on S Lang's

Roth Art on Steve Lang's Ranchero.

Another look at the blown bike, the wild hand formed Volvo based roadster was just totally cool with some fantastic engineering in it. Wild paint on this funny car, was waiting for a name.

supercharged Harley

supercharged Harley.

Wild Volvo coupe

Wild Volvo coupe.
Wild Volvo coupe rear

Wild Volvo coupe rear.
Wild paint

Wild paint.
Xtreme racing Altered had a new nose added, and Nigel lockley shows the world his 34 Zipper, does the roof work for you? in my humble opinion it it doesn't, but car was immaculately finished throughout. Period trike looked totally 60's!
Xtreme racing

Xtreme racing.
Zipper 34

Zipper 34.
Zipper 34 rear

Zipper 34 rear.
period trike

period trike.
Last photo of the 4 pot V-twin blown & nitrous'd 'The Max' bike, totally mental!! you would need balls the size of grapefruits to nail this I think!!
The Max

The Max.

So that was the show, there were many hot hatches there that were built and finished superbly, just not my bag though. Was it worth it? well at £15.00 I would have to say maybe not, compared to rod runs that have more cars and charge this for a weekend. There is talk next year of the entry being £20.00, if so then they will have lost my custom as I think it is way to much for an indoor show.