Tech Page

Below are some Tech articles that will help us all build better cars, I hope they will help you out.

Suspension mechanics Spring rates and suspension mechanics explained, including how to design & plan your springs, and how to get a good ride.
Steering Steering explained, how to set up your own steering and suspension struts.
Spring rates Spring rates explained, how to understand them, set them up and tune your suspension properly.
Header Formula Formula for calculating the correct length of you primary pipes for maximum tuned efficiency.
Clearances Clearances, how much and where.
4 bars Rear axle location, 4 bars/4 links explained.
Steering racks How to narrow a steering rack and make sure you keep the correct geometry for safe driving.
 Panhard rod Panhard rod location and handling information.
Notching tubes Fantastic little page that prints out a template so you can cut your tubes to fit each other prior to welding, no more cut and grind till it looks 'right' !