I dug part of the floor out from under the bed and slotted in into place,
And had a little play with the polish. This shows how I painted the main cage, and then painted the inner door shuts about a year later which left a masking line. ( the grey 'scrape' is a reflection of the grey floor).
A quick flat with 1200 then 2000 wet n dry (about 2 mins worth) left it like this,

And then 2 mins with G3, then G10 finishing with 'Finesse it' saw it like this. (the white flecks all over it are dust off the rag, camera can see them better than human eye!!)

The rest should look good with a proper flat & polish.

After that I started the laborious job of starting to mask the body off again.

Body now masked.
Body prep is TEDIOUS!!!!!!!!

Been plodding on blocking down the rough bits and finding a few low spots that need a little more work. Also re-priming a few areas that needed some paint build up where I've broken through to the metal again.


Reprimed around rear window.
Reprimed around screen.
Sand,sand,sand,sand,sand,sand,sand,sand,sand, ..oops bare metal ..................................

Well today it got it's first bit of gloss, hurray!

Not quite as exciting as it sounds as it's only the roof gutters so far.