Been flatting off the flip front recently which has taken forever
and spent most of this afternoon masking up the inside.
and on to the good bit, the first top coat goes on Lots more rubbing down before the next coats now.
This week was spent blocking the first coat of gloss back down again, wet sanded this time with 600 grit paper.
Dried off and left to air dry for an hour in garage at 23 degrees C.

Quick photo of the grill emblem bought recently;

And how it looked today
Front nowe looks like this:
Unfortunately there was some reaction in the paint, it has crinkled up in some areas, not sure why? it
Could it be the paint was not dry enough from wet sanding.

Blocked down the offending areas today and they seem to flat out ok, so hopefully no harm done.

flip front has 5 coats of paint on now and is looking pretty good.

And 2 hours later it looks like this again

last coat (maybe - lol!) went on tonight, looks pretty good now.