Well I had hoped to progresses a bit further by now, but some problems have held me back.
I was doing well on the doors, got 4 coats of paint on using some really nice paint that is cheaper, and then used my 'proper' paint for the last 2 coats.

Hmmmm.........bloody paint reacted

I've always had trouble with the 'proper' paint its not nice to spray with and I've had reaction problems before so I've decided to use it for undercoat and use the cheaper stuff I have which is readily available and not a custom mix for the entire car now.

Soooo...........Doors had to be blocked down hard to remove the solven pop in the paint, then I laid on a new test coat to see if was all ok........it wasn't


There were loads of tiny craters in the new paint where there were miniscule 'holes' on the blocked down paint.

Having come across this problem before I knew a solution. It might not be the correct way, but it does work. The next night I mixed up a small batch of paint and painstakingly ‘blobbed’ a drop of paint with a fine brush on all of the bigger craters. It does take some time to do but its better than going back to bare metal!

I left it to dry for a couple of days then blocked the doors down again.

Today I laid another trial coat on the doors and can report all is now well again with nice smooth paint. More blocking back and another 2 coats should see them finished.
I also dug out the window trims from the attic and got the first coat of gloss on one of them.
Yay!!! doors are finished!
Moving on to window trims, first coat here, need a little more filler work to get perfect.
I wrapped the doors up carefully to avoid overspray and got on to painting the insides of all of the window trims tonight, I decided to use up the paint that I’d had issues with before as it will not really be seen on this side of the trims, and of course tonight it painted beautifully!

Not sure what the difference was tonight, I did use a lower pressure on the gun but this time it flowed beautifully and with no orange peel at all? why could it not have done that on the doors I wonder?

Door trims (rear ones not shown).


Been a while since I last updated, seem to have lost my car building mojo

Bought these at the NSRA swapmeet ~ Anglia badge;

.....and some rough looking wheelie bars.

I need to repair some damaged parts on my wheelie bars, so the rough ones ended up looking like this after an hours hard work.