Its all rubbed down again and stopper is in the low spots. Its a credit to 2 pack paint as I attacked it with 150 grit paper for an hour grading back to 400 grit and I could not get it to break through to the silver basecoat and the paint is only 2 days old!

It all looks a bit sorry for itself now.

I moved on to the heat insulating paint tonight, it went on well with the shutz gun and did not use much at all for a heavy coat, just as well seeing how expensive it is. I hope it works as well as they reckon it does, should keep all the engine/trans heat from coming through.
Hmmm....deja vu? back in primer again
Got another coat of the heat barrier paint on, probably another coat to go yet as they recommend 2-4mm thick (I'll go for 3mm).
And its all silver again, yay!!
Plodding on with the heat barrier paint, finished the trans tunnel and now doing the firewall.
Also marked out the floors and started on those too.
All heat barrier paint is now on. I would have preferred a thicker coat on the floors but I ran out of the stuff and I'm not buying another tub just for 1 litre of it.

I'll have to leave it 2 weeks before I put a layer of stonechip over it then prep it for gloss.

Firewall finished,


and floors done.