Yay! finally got the cage painting finished!

Gotta wrap it up to paint chassis now, but could not resist unmasking some of it just for a quick look.

Cage is now re-masked and the prop loop and centre of the chassis is in gloss.
After getting the centre of the chassis in gloss I dragged the wings out of storage and cleaned up any marks and scratches incurred while put away and then shot a final coat of primer over them.
24 hours later I flatted them back and laid on the first coat of gloss, mmmm......nice 'n shiny.
Wings have had 3 coats on them now, so I wet flatted them back before the final coats for a smoother finish. Before and after shot here; (gloss one before sanding).

Also got the floor panels out for painting, glad I did as I had not drilled all the bolt holes in this panel when I remade it, oops

Its all done now and all the ally is sanded down prior to the epoxy primer going on.

Got the 5th coat on the wings the other night, and pulled them out to inspect in daylight tonight;
But I was not happy with the finish so I flatted them back again.
But I did get the second coat of primer on the rear floor section.

Got another coat of paint on the wings now and it all looks very nice.