and FINALLY I have got a decent finish on the bootlid that I am happy with! I sprayed it outside, so its not paint problems but contamination in the garage, either the extractor is too powerful (it is) or the garage needs a good hose down of the roof and upper walls (probably) or its a static problem (quite possibly) At least I have ruled out the actual paint now though.
Mmm........high gloss......mmm.....
The front is now fully glossed on the inside and the frame is done too.
300 years of masking got it to this stage!
The cage took forever to mask up.
Especially around all the joints and brackets.

But finally it was done so I could get the gloss grey on the roof panels, on all the inner wings, behind all the door edges and down the inside of the A and B pillars.

No-one will ever see the grey but I wanted every inch of steel covered inside and out after it was media blasted as I never want to work on rust on it again.
A little bit of a jump here as I have not been keeping you all up to date. After masking off all the gloss areas in the roof & sides I moved on to the tubs, rear shelf and rear window frames. Here it is all primed up waiting for topcoat.
Another bit of a jump-sorry, the gloss is all laid on and has been masked up ready for the next stage. I forgot to take photos so you will have to wait until it is all unmasked at a later date.

Rear window frame is now gloss black and masked off ready for the side window frames to be done.