Brakes nacelle is now completed, grey inner and black outside.
Dash panel in full gloss, cant wait to fit the gauges!
Bootlid gets fully glossed on the inside.
Wing spars are now completed in silver and clearcoat.
Ooh, a finished bit yippee!!

Got the third brake light finally assembled, local glass company cut me a new window glass (free-yay!) for the smaller window I cut into it, this was a brand new old stock one I found which had no window in it. behind you can see my original which I had welded side plates into to reduce the window hole as originally they are massive. Stainless screws still need to be polished, but cant get to my buffer at the moment.


and how it all looks assembled.

Moving on, the hood scoop is now painted on the inside, outside will come later.
Rear wing gets its first coat of gloss.
Changing tack a little I thought I'd have a bit of a break from painting. I'd recently found a place to get the 4mm rod I needed to start the front grills. I made up some spacers to hold the rods apart at the correct spacing and the first tack goes on.

A little bit later (ok a lot, lol) the first grill is finished.