The Dzus are fixed with 3mm stainless half nuts that I have bonded into the glass front with gelcoat.
I've been a bit lax with the photos & updates recently, so a bit of a jump here, the front is fully prepped at last and 2 coats of primer have been laid on.
Another jump here, as it seemed rude not to lay on one quick coat of gloss over the primer while it was at the wet stage. I'm glad to say that all my hard work on getting all the light lines right has paid off, as there are no blemishes anywhere to be seen in gloss, its ready for proper topcoats.
I had to re-profile the A post to fit the wing and also the wing landing panel to fit the wing, both now flow nicely together.
Moving to the back of the car the boot area has been painted at last! I've been putting this off as it involved so much prep work around all the fiddly tabs and in the corners. It was very difficult to get the paint in all the corners and around the back of the flanges.

12 hours later and I have touched up all the backs of the tabs and flanges with a brush where the spray gun could not reach.

Painting the boot panels, these are in gloss grey, but will be silver on the finished sides (rear of panels shown).
A few more panels, these are done in the finished silver. Its a shame to paint the ally panels, but I cannot be bothered to keep polishing them if left natural.
The boot panels are now all painted in silver base coat and clear, nice and shiny, finally some bits are getting finished.

Inner wings are flatted off and primed ready for the silver basecoat.