Rear wing support frame is also painted.
Quite a big update here, not been keeping you all informed of late. Roof area has now been filled and shaped and is covered here in a quick coat of gloss to see how it looks.
3 hours later its DRY sanded down again to get rid of the runs ......oops! All looks perfectly smooth though, which is very good.
Another little job on the list is this rear 'third' brake lamp and number plate lamp. This was originally the only lamp on Anglia's before they introduced lamps on the rear wings, and it normally has some plastic riveted to the bottom for the 'window' for the number plate lighting. This usually melts pretty quickly from the heat of the bulb and they rust pretty bad. I modified my original one (black part) by welding up the sides of the window to create a much smaller hole so I could bond a piece of glass in there instead, but recently I found a brand new old stock cover, result!
This did not have any lamp window in it, so a quick 20 mins with the dremel and it now has.
Another shot of it all painted up in gloss.

Also re-painted my teardrop rear lights, the original paint was thinner than Kate Moss on a diet, so 2 coats of epoxy and 2 of gloss saw them looking rather glam.

I had my first foray into base coat and clear as well, painted the struts in BMW silver. You can't see it here but they are really shiny.
Strut is now fully assembled, and I think it looks mighty fine.
I painted the first parts of the car in gloss black today, the flip front landing panels, oooh its getting near now!

I got the axle back after having it media blasted, nice and clean!