After smoothing the gutter area out completely I laid on a coat of primer, doing the whole boot hump as I had flatted off most of the primer during all the filler work.
Finally the door is finished, and primer has gone on tonight, I hope tomorrow there are no blemishes that I have missed.
Door outside in daylight and no blemishes, in fact it looks perfect
I got some large nuts and drilled the centres out of them.
So they fitted over the suspension bars here so I can easily adjust them on the car.

Now all cleaned up and primed.

Door hinges are primed, but 55 years of abuse have left them a little worse for wear so some filler work was necessary, two are done here and two original for comparison.
And now done in gloss paint, this is a new brand that I have been given to sample. Its very thick, and I got a few runs in it. I'm not sure I like it much.
Suspension arms are now painted as well.

I painted the steering column, floor supports and gearbox crossmember with my usual brand of paint, a lot thinner and I think glossier, think I prefer this paint.