Here is a close up of an earth mount, it is stainless steel, so I can leave the top exposed with no rust.
The passenger door is now being given some attention, a good dose of flipper work saw it a lot flatter, then a good skim of filler before blocking it down again.
Good quality longboards and (just seen) a flipper are essential for getting nice flat panels.
Now the car is turned around in the garage I have the lighting in the right place to final skim the slight ridge in the gutter area in the roof to get the curvature to flow smoothly into the gutter.
Hey, it works for me, quick bodge for paper dispensers

I decided to add some jacking points to the car, these can get chipped if necessary but the main car will stay pristine. These can be touched in with a brush easily if they do get marked. front crossmember here.

And on the rear axle here, it looks off centre to the diff, but its central on the axle, so will lift the car levelly.
Close up of the tube on the diff.
Back on the doors, even the sides are being totally smoothed over, nothing escapes

Front suspension and hinges are now in primer.