While the welder was out I got around to adding the shock plate fillets on the rear axle, it can now go off for sand blasting.
A load of work later and another coat of primer is laid on. Still some filler work to go though it is about 97% there now.
Drivers side sill is now finished
Rear corner panel is smoothed over the welded up filler cap and the swage line is built up as it is not very defined on this side.
Some extra work was needed on the pillar as I was not happy with it, now blown back in again.

Rear corner now smoothed out and shot over with a coat of primer.

Ditto for this side.
Dash inner area is now finally primed.
Suprisingly it was easy to get paint into all the corners and curves inside the dash, 3 coats went on.

And a day to mark off in the build, the first coats of gloss paint! The inner panels of the car will be done in light grey, as its easier to see into the corners with this colour.