The centre section of the roof has had aluminium stiffeners glued in place and has been prepped & primed.
Back to fillering the roof, it never ends!
Another coat of primer reveals I still have more fillering to do!!
Its looking very good now, just final (I hope) skims to get rid of low spots.
Rear lower panel appears to be as flat as glass here.
A quick coat of primer reveals its not, lol!

After several more skims of filler and blocking down, it now IS as flat as glass

Hurray!! after seven weeks of fillering and priming the roof is now finished
Rear view shows perfect curves throughout, it was a huge amount of work, but it had to be right, the flexi sanders were indispensable in getting this right.
Interior starts to get its first coat of primer on it. Wooden side panels make good paint masks, ha-ha! (well they needed weatherproofing anyway)

Another view, tubs and rear shelf done so far. Its really difficult to get paint around all the roll bars!!