Door gets its second coat of epoxy primer (black this time) its a real awkward job to spray inside all the door areas, some will have to be brushed or rollered on the back faces of the panels, and yes, it is satin finish when dry.
The door hinges have now been seam sealed with Sikaflex.
As have all the inner door seams, no more rust traps!
All the outer skin edges have also been sealed, and any joints in the panels too. This should be rust free for many years to come now. I alternated primer colours as it was easier to see where I had painted the insides, this is the third & final coat before topcoat (for inside of door).
The rear wing, wheel tub and rear panel have now got 3 coats of primer on, gradually working around the car, need to weld up pinholes in body as I find them, which stops me doing it in one go. Its gradually getting sealed against moisture though (epoxy primer is waterproof) which is the main goal at present.

The roof is now primed, and some filler is going on to get it roughed out to shape, it will get smoothed out properly when I get my flexible sanders.

Nearside rear wing, wheelarch and sill are now in primer, front A post has had any pinholes re-welded up again and is ready for paint.
A skim of filler goes on around the door frame.
New toys!
These are Adjustable flexi sanders, and they are brilliant! Foam handles with a steel plate for the sandpaper to stick to. With the rods inserted they stay flat, or remove one or all of them to mould to the shape of the panel you are sanding, they take all the work out of profiling a panel, they are a must for bodywork.
Available from, PNR Panel supplies Ltd

The rear of the roof is mostly roughed out now, and the rear panel is now getting smoothed over.