Got the inside of scoop prepped and painted it with black epoxy primer inside and out tonight, also got second coats on the dash panels.
Not much work done recently as my Camaro has been playing up with a difficult to find electronic fault, but its all fixed now so progress starts again. I have just added a brake pedal return spring as I had forgot to fit this before.
Now I have moved on to the boot lid, first prep done here with the first layer of filler added to the edges & low spots.
Boot lid is now covered in its first two coats of primer, looks good, so now need to flat it off for the black primer.
Inside is all primed as well now, as are the hinges and boot lock plate (not shown).

Bootlid is all primed on both sides in black now, and the inner trim panel has been cut and the clips fitted to attach it.

As the brake pedal had moved when I changed to twin master cylinders, a new floor had to be made. This is now done, including a brake pedal boot which is actually a CV joint rubber.
Complete new floor fitted.
The top five layers of paint have been stripped off the doors prior to going off to the media blasters, hopefully next time you see these they will be all shiny fresh steel.

The door insides have also been stripped of all the soundproofing, and yes that IS fresh shiny steel you can see!! Not bad for 54 year old doors with no rust proofing eh?