Passenger side is all glassed over and filled now, next stage is to cut the strip off and build a landing panel onto it.
Drivers side is just about done here, some fine finish work and gapping is needed before painting and the dzus is fixed with stainless bolts threaded into the glass wing.
Good friend Steve Lang gave me some stainless tube and bends today, so I finally got my bottom hose to line up correctly, its all welded and polished up here, just needs a joiner to finish, mmmm....shiny :-)
Back on to the flip front, the landing panel is completed on the passenger side now, and the arch lip which had completely flaked off (poor lay-up when built) has been remade with gel-coat and a skim of filler to finish. Just needs a coat of primer on it now.
While waiting for gel-coat to dry I got around to re-doing the dashboard. I had originally put the holes off centre (following original holes) and was not happy with it, also the dash was fairly warped from previous owners repairs, so I though I could fix both problems in one go. New panel mocked up in cardboard first.....

Then the entire offending warped panel was cut out, leaving only small areas that will require filler to get straight. Threaded inserts were then added all around the hole.

Which enabled me to fix this ally panel on the dash, all gauges now central and not obscured by the steering wheel, and no ripply dash, hurray!
The front is 90% completed and is now fully primed, some minor gap & detail work remains but its about there.
Moving on to the rear wings I have started to prep them for paint, black circles are all the areas needing attention.

Mmmmm......stress cracks, although the Dremel makes grinding them out a doddle, its still a pain!! They will be re-filled with gel coat.