The outer joints have been ground back (its gonna take years to get the garage clean!!) and the first layers are on the outside.
The second layers are now on and I rolled it out into the garden to get an idea of how the car will look, (first time its been outside for 14 months) To say I'm pleased would be a massive understatement, it looks as mad as a box of frogs!!
I cast up some bonnet ribs in glass fibre, and they are being bonded on here, as you can see they are being held down by custom built weights!!
On its 4th skim of filler here, its beginning to blend in reasonably well now, but loads more work yet......
As the weather was so good this weekend I have been doing some paintwork too, lots of satin black epoxy primer on parts, two of which were the roof inserts, all the grey stuff on them is filler dust - god it gets everywhere!

After a 5th skim of filler it was ready for its first guide coat of primer, most of it is pretty good, better than I expected, but it has highlighted several areas that need attention.

Nine layers of filler and its finally finished! All 'light lines' are spot on now, so I'm dead happy.
Oh boy, don't it look good!
Moving on to the rear of the flip front brings me to the problem of the wings clipping the lower door hinge. To fix this I have cut away a section of the wing and made a glass mould of the wing, this will become the wing landing panel and it will also be the Dzus fixing area.
The passenger side was not so easy as it didn't fit (big surprise - not!) so needs to be extended first.

The wing plate is all glassed up and bolted to the body now, I just need to work out the best place for the Dzus fastener.