I bit the bullet today and got the angle grinder out and cut the top half of the gutters off, this gives it a more modern look and also gives better access to repair the gutters.
The gutters are fully seam welded to the roof now, so no cracking or rusting away after painting
(I hope!!)
Window surrounds are now finished and painted with epoxy primer. This is waterproof so will keep the filler safe from the winter damp.
I've been filling & prepping the induction scoop and repairing all the imperfections, and have decided that I might fit some working butterfly's to the front linked to the throttle. Mocked up in cardboard here, they will be twin 3.25" blades. I'm hoping a friend will be able to CNC machine them in ally for me.
Scoop is fully prepped & primed now, just some glass work to the entry area left to get uniform thicknesses and to fit the butterfly plate.

Some major surgery is needed to get the front to fit the car properly, as you can see I have had to slice the wing in two places to be able to get it to sit properly on the body and to line up correctly.

The first layers of glass go on to hold it all in place before it is all ground out for the proper lay up.
All glassed over now, 2 more layers will go over after all the outer work is completed.
Passenger side is getting done now, as you can see, it needs some fairly radical splitting to fit the car.

First layers bonded on the inside.