Turned ends are let into the Aero tube, with small filler plates on the end of the tube, all ready to be tig welded.

The new wing mocked up in place for the spar construction. I will be held up on this for a bit as I am waiting on Andy shipping more tube to me.

Damn it looks cool!

Spars are getting built here, its really looking pretty cool now
All done now with design #1 spill plate fitted, but I don't really like it. I will ponder the shape tomorrow.
Thought the plates over, and come up with this shape, which I really like.

Inner support bars for the upper wing spars that fix to the cage are now made & fitted.

The rear mounts needed much more support, this frame had to be made up in 3 pieces as it had to fit around the bodywork, which made the job 10 times harder. I can now hang on the wing and the body does not flex.
The frame mounts onto 3mm plates fitted to the rear wheel arches, which at 14 swg steel are thick enough not to need any other bracing to the chassis. All this is carefully made to fit inside the ally panel work seen on previous pages.
Next job is door edges, the passenger door fits quite well, but the drivers door has a big gap at the bottom. 1" masking tape shows some scale.

I clamped some 10mm x 3mm steel bar to the door edge......