Window trim is trial fitted prior to filler being added and smoothed off.

Trim is now fully prepped for first primer guide coat, and I have finally cut out the door panel (been standing against garage wall for 10 years!) and started to fit it.

Oooh, it's starting to almost look like a car now!

Drivers door is now also paneled over, waiting on a replacement window trim from Kris Brown though, as this one is delaminating, so is no good.
Setting the laser light to find the centreline of the car, a really useful tool to have. Why am I doing this you may think?......
Well, its to fit ......


Only a temporary mock up at present, it will be ordered from Robinson Race Cars when I have decided all the dimensions.


Been busy of late fitting the drivers side rear wing and fettling the interior panels, and fitting the trim tabs. No photos as yet, but I did take delivery of this tonight!

Interior side panels are all cut to shape and fitted now.
Oooh, I collected the wing today, shown here with the temporary spill plates from the mock up wing.
Some of the fittings supplied by Andy for the wing, the rose joints are on the wing itself.

I opted for the astonishingly expensive chrome moly 'Aero' tube, round tube just did not cut it for me, even though this is 5 times more expensive!!
I will have to wait for andy to send the rest to me as he did not have enough in stock when I collected.