The new ally panel is now finished & fitted.
I have just got back from the NSRA Supernats, where I picked up loads of new parts, two of which were the rear shock absorbers. I immediately went out to the garage to fit them :o) Billet ally fully adjustable & rose jointed......mmmm, yum, yum!!
The other parts are the new replica bakelite door trims and all the window channels, seals & furflex. More on these parts soon.
After all the excitement of fitting new shiny bits, its back to reality, with the task of building up the passenger door frame aperture, as there was a rather large gap at the top front.
This has been bridged with a filler piece as shown, and once blended it will keep the door gap uniform so the seals will work.
I have also started cutting the window templates in some old lexan, as it takes about 8 weeks to get a friend to make new ones up, so a bit of forward planning here.
The tedious & dull work of plating over the door flange continues here, and is now finished. *hurray!!*

Moving on to fitting the rear wings, which don't, Fit that is. After faffing around for an hour or so, I got the cutter out and just cut 60% of the flange off. It now fits reasonably well, ha-ha!

You can see it follows the body line quite well now, only trouble is, there is no wing flange to bolt up now. I will have to make a complete new flange in glass to suit the shape of the car, ho-hum, more work :o(
The wing is wedged into position, the pot of steel off-cuts has come in handy at last!
The first section of the new flange is glassed into place. I can only do a bit at a time ,as I need to get this bit dried so it can be bolted on so the wing can be pulled against this to get the rest of it lined up.
Using industrial grade glass is so much easier than the rubbish you get from the local parts shop, much cheaper too. The acetone cleaner is evil stuff though!!

To get the wing to fit over the tyre correctly necessitated it moving off the body by a fair bit, so more glass work need there too.