To cope with the required chassis removal, some 6mm wall tube is inserted to add strength, there is also some chassis rail area to fill again.
Steering is put back and tested for fit, there is actually more clearance than it looks, due to rack not being fitted securely and the camera angle.
Rack is temporarily fitted with these blocks and tubes, so it can be slid up and down for correct positioning.
While it is held by the tubes, I can now build up the brackets where it will mount to the crossmember.
It is now all completed, but alas it is no good
When the steering is turned, there is some flex in the bracket, it is only a few thou of an inch, but its crap. Looks like I need to do some re-designing.

A good nights sleep and another evenings work resulted in the rack now being solid mounted, I have done away with the factory rubber mounts, as many race & rally cars solid mount theirs, so it is safe to do so. This has resulted in neater brackets, but more importantly, no movement!

The new sections of chassis rails cut and prepped to be Tig welded by a friend Wayne, as I don't like to use my Mig welder for structural stuff.
The new sections all Tig'd up and front gussets added.
The steering all now fitted back, its much neater like this too. The great thing in the movement of the rack is that the steering UJ used to go beneath the crossmember, but it now goes above, giving better ground clearance.

The front end back together again, I need to get the middle steering shaft lengthened now, and I have just bought some new vented discs and calipers which should arrive this week too. The black covers on the coils are to protect the pistons, everyone leaves them off normally, but it kills the strut seals when road debris gets into them, so they are staying.