The accelerator pedal now has a new top section and the Lokar cable is fitted, which is a very tidy installation.
The brake reservoirs are now fitted to bulkhead, the ally block will be trimmed down later.
The new panel now fitted with the MSD ignition and heater vents.
While the engine and front were off the car, I took the time to finish off the tow hook bar, adding the locator arms at the back to hold it in place through the cranking hole in the front valence.
The horn is fitted into the inner A post panel, and also an ally screen washer bottle is fitted.

The coil is now also fitted under the dash panel, this will all be panelled over when finished.

Ally overflow bottle now mounted on the front
rad bars.
Screen wash pump now fitted & plumbed in, all these little jobs getting done, feels like the car is nearing the finish
The upper panel over the front of the dash is finally trimmed to fit, 5 years after cutting the blank, lol, its amazing how this makes it all look so finished!

Met a trimmer last week & we discussed various ways around the problem of the headliner over the cage. I came up with this solution, a small tube welded into the roof with threaded inserts, to which a curved panel will be fitted which will attach above the door. This will then be trimmed to match the headliner.