Finally after long hours of hard work the new metal is in place. Only tack welded in, in this photo finish welding still to go.
The inside showing the inner fixing flange, and some of the new metal added to the A post. On the right you can also see the rear fixing flange for the back of the ally panel.
The finished panel. The ally has the protective covering on it still, it will be powder coated at a later stage.
Starting out on the passenger side now, first piece of new steel is tacked in.

The passenger side finished too, fitted with the ally panel, which has yet to be fully trimmed to fit, some bolt threads to be fitted still.

You can also see where I have got round to grinding back the welds for the bulkhead flange, as these were quite messy (welded many years ago when I was not so good at welding!!)


Here it is with both sides completed, at long last, tidy A posts!

As the original column drop was in the way of removing the bulkhead, plus Bob Nixon had not welded it on square, I am re-making the column drop to be bolted in, with a tidier clamp for the column itself. This will all be covered by the ally column cover when done, so it does not have to be pretty, just functional and safe.
The new steering column support, now bolts in for easy bulkhead removal. Just some tabs left to weld on for the ally cover plate to mount to.

Unfortunately, the bukhead frame (seen in above pic) was not that straight, and also it fouled the gearbox now we have re sited the engine. That meant it all had to come out and be cut up.

This has now been completed, but it also means the first 12" of the trans tunnel is now junk, and will have to be re-made.

I have made a new bulkhead, and also finished all the fittings/flanges on the column, which now also has self cancelling indicators, which I'm a bit pleased with.... :o)


Planning the panel on the bulkhead for the ignition and heating/cooling vents.