The boot floor now completed.

The first side panel is now rough cut and folded to fit, some fine tuning to the sides and fitting of the threaded locating tabs will see it finished.

I will also add a drop down door, for easy access to the battery terminals later on, fixed in with Dzus fasteners.

The tedious but necessary work of making templates in cardboard continues, this should be in aluminium in the next day or so.
And here it is in aluminium, next job is to fit all the threaded locating tabs to hold the panels in, then fit the drop down access doors into both panels.
I did not like the single lamp that I had put in for the boot, it was broken & I could not find a replacement. So I made up another panel, and fitted some side repeater lamps that I had, with a central switch. I much prefer this in appearance as well.

This is the panel now fitted into the boot.

I had some stainless steel earth studs machined up, and will be welding these to the chassis in certain points.
The first of which is in the boot for the battery. This was a pig to weld as my welder decided to have wire feed problems just as I started to weld it on. As you can see it is in a position that made it very difficult to get the grinder in there to sort it out, and stainless welds are hard too!
Temporary earth lead allowed me to get the positions for the P clip tabs welded to the body.

Now the boot is finished, I have gone back to the other bits of bodywork that needed getting round to. Here is a trick I blatantly stole from Chuck, an American friend who has an Anglia also.
I have added steel covers to the hinges to tidy them up for a smoother appearance.

Lower hinge done also.