These are the flush fit valves, pretty neat eh?
Kids will have problems trying to steal these!!
Aeroquip heater hoses are now being plumbed in, not without problems, braided hose does not stretch over OEM fittings easily, so some clever use of parts will need to be used to complete this.
These are currently on order from the USA, so more photos at a later date.
The heater and choke controls now working and fitted into the dash.
I had to carefully weld a bracket to the valve, as well as reverse the control mechanism, so the control cable exited in the correct position.
I now have moved on to the exhaust, which is now finished!! (on one side).
The stainless exhaust exits the (mild steel) headers here....

...and leads on to the mufflers situated under the sills here,

which exit at the end here, ground clearance is 4 1/4" at the front, 5 1/8" at the rear, the highest I could get it to fit.
The exhaust tips exit here, which I kinda like.
The complete exhaust system, front to back shown here, the mufflers are reversible, (hence the flanges) as depending on which way around they are fitted, they are LOUD, or VERY LOUD, ha-ha!!

The rest of the fittings have now arrived from the USA, so I have finally sorted the fitting into the heater matrix. These could well be the most expensive heater hoses ever, as all the fittings cost the price of a small country.