The passenger side inner wings being made. The all important cardboard templates coming into play!
Very tedious job, but its easier than cutting metal.
The wings will be louvred as drawn.

Temporary upper strut mount shown on this side too!

The inner wing now all finished!
The strut mount is only temporary!!
Drivers side inner wing also finished here, I am quite pleased with my louvre's.
I have been busy in the boot area now, cutting yet more cardboard templates for the inner panel work.
The foam block is a temporary battery mock-up to see where it will fit best.
Left corner panel. There will be a hinged panel between the corner panels, which will have the toolkit / tow hook / spare lamps in it.

Upper boot panel template.

Ally housing for the fan thermostat.
I got side tracked while doing the boot panel work, and ended up fitting the rear number plate panel with the 3rd brake light. I have finally managed to split this to build one good one from the two that I had.
It looks nice and bright, not bad for 50 years old!!!

The upper boot panel now in ally, with a boot lamp fitted as well.
In the background you can also see the new battery tray.