A side view of the new rear end, with a photo below of how it used to look.

Now the rearend is complete (we have fitted the new shock mounts and also made the prop hoop smaller) we are on to the front end.

The front left side is 10mm too low so we will have to cut out both rails, realign the front crossmember and remake the rails (properly this time!)
I don't like to run Bob Nixon's work down, but it plainly is very wrong. The front suspension binds and the steering rack??, well, it will be easier to get a new one narrowed than to sort it out.

We believe that Bob basically has made the chassis too complicated, there are far too many welds and angles in the chassis that are really not necessary. This in turn has led to all the extra 'pulling' of the welds bending the chassis out of shape.
As for the suspension designs? well, sorry Bob, but just plain bad, and that's the bottom line.

Above and right, the old rails are now removed. We have straightened out the twisted front end and fabricated new rails. Once welded in we rechecked and all is now within proper tolerances :o)

The new rails are pinched in 2.25" which allows for the 'proper' amount of steering travel, I will now be able to park it properly!

The next job is the engine mounts, which will now need remaking as the chassis has altered and we threw out the old ones.

The new engine mounts are now made and on the chassis, we had to remake the mounts on the engine too.

These are the new wishbone arms and the remade engine mount.Also shown is the push fit balljoint's that fit the Capri taper on the strut.

Many thanks to my Friend Kerry, and machinist Al, for doing such sterling work on all the machined parts for me.

The new upper strut mounts beautifully tig welded by Wayne, the brace plate is not fitted yet.
During the week Wayne bent up the new CDSII roll cage bars and welded them in for me (horizontal bars) and a very nice job he did too :o)
Suspension all set up on the strut jig nearly completed now.

A close up of the new A arm, with Heims joints on the inner ends, we have yet to notch the chassis rails for full compression travel.
There is a pivot joint on the rear of the front locator bar to allow for angle changes when setting up the correct castor angles.