A view showing the proposed Panhard rod, it will probably be longer than this when it is built, the diagonal link would rip the chassis plates off in road use, so is junk!!

I have had to undergo a massive learning curve on chassis design and suspension technology/geometry in the last couple of weeks, many thanks to all who helped out from the Uk Hotrods group and the Anglia's group (more info on "links" page), you know who you are!

I had not planned on this and if it were not for the help I have got, I may well have given up at this point, as it was a real blow to find out.

Fortunately, because of the great people that make up hot rodding, I have a friend (Wayne) who is to help rebuild the chassis & suspension on his chassis Jig, so what was a crisis, is now just a challenge!

Additionally, I now know far more how suspension works, and why, and will also have a better chassis and car that also handles better, so in the end it's a good thing??


As I cannot do the chassis yet, I have decided to ignore it and get on with the things that I can do.

So I have pretty well finished the roof console now, with all the led warning lights fitted, together with map reading lights & switches.

Just some blue led's to go in for the interior courtesy lights to finish now.

I have also built a rear section of roof console, which will also have some blue led's fitted facing rearwards as interior lamps, and possibly have the treble units for the speakers fitted too.
Not made my mind up on that one yet.

This will be trimmed back when the headlining is fitted to fit flush with it.


I am also starting on the fuel system now, after a bit of a shopping spree with Summit racing in the states :o)

There is a new (s/hand) Holley 750 carb on there, with the new fuel line,.....


Which will be connected to this fuel filter and a blue top Holley fuel pump.

Both are tack welded in place so far, while I set about making the hoses up.

On this side, the pump which is mounted on a bracket with 3 exhaust bobbins to keep the noise down,
picks up from the tank, which leads round to the filter on......

......this side.

This will have a short section of braided hose, leading to 1/2" ally fuel pipe to the front of the car, where it will be braided again to the pressure regulator and the carb.

This is one of my new seat harnesses, a bit more streetable than the 3" 5 point ones I had originally. These are electrically controlled inertia reel belts, with many extra safety features built into the webbings as well. The yellow box is the microswitch that locks the inertia reels under acceleration, braking, side loads & rollover.
It can also be manually switched to lock them under race conditions.

The mountings, using some of the original metalwork with new sheet steel platforms, 10mm thick mounting spacer plates and additional braces.

The finished fitting, with a piece of cardboard showing how the trim panel will cover the inertia reels.