A rear view in black, the new metalwork under the boot looks good to me, as does the chop at the rear, no ripples anywhere thank goodness.

Decided to weld up the front vents, shiny bit is new steel, as there will be electrics behind this section and I am boxing this area up on the inside for a smoother engine bay. I thought that when it rains or I wash the car it would just pour in.

I have now started on the rear arch, cutting out the worst sections at the top & at the B pillar . I have treated the B pillar with hydrochloric acid to cure the rust on the inside, as it will be impossible to sandblast inside when done. When these two areas are replaced I will cut out the rest in sections replacing with new metal as I go.

Its a tedious job but I am getting there, three quarters done now, just the last stretch down the
B post and the sill bottom to go.
Got a bit side tracked during the wheel arch repair, and bought these 'Magnum Shooters' from Dakota Digital for the door contacts. These are a neat bit of kit, with adjustable pins to suit any gap and heavy duty brass pins to handle high current.
I made up a recessed pocket for them to sit into the door as the gap is far to narrow for the shooters between the door and A post. I also fitted threaded inserts, a must for those awkward locations.
Here they are fitted into the door/body, pretty tidy even if I say it myself! The awful filler from the roll cage to the A post will be blasted off and blended properly at a later date.
I have now finished the whole of the rear wheel arch area, (hurray!!) and the car has been turned back around. I have also sorted the wiper motor wiring out, and made a bracket to fit this up into the roof mounted on the roll cage. I had to modify the wiper motor to reverse the cycle for the wipers, but this was an easy mod,... for once!!
A closer view of the wiper motor and mount, not the prettiest looking bracket, but it does the job and will be completely hidden once the new roof panel goes back in. 
The next job is to reskin the rotten areas in the bottom of the doors. I have been putting this off for quite a while, but it has to be done, & my welding skills are pretty good now (had lots of practice!) so here goes!
The drivers door is the worst, as can be seen here, but all in all both doors are in remarkably good condition for 51 years old.