The car is now turned round so I can now start on the other side. The door hinge areas are badly rusted and weak. I have cut out the complete hinge area and made a new 6mm plate drilled to fit the hinge and welded this in, then boxed it for strength. It is half way through the job here.
This is it now it is finished, all new metal welded in and smoothed out. I did not bother with the second skin to cover the hinges, as they will be easier to remove without these.
Starting out on the lower hinge, all the original strengthening has been cut out, and a new 6mm plate made up to fit the hinge. This will be mounted directly to the roll cage.
After the plate has been welded to the roll cage, (see below) it is now being welded to the bodywork, most of which had to be cut out due to our old friend Mr rust!
All the metal has now been replaced, and smoothed off, (wish I could do it as fast as I can write this page~lol) and looks a whole lot better.
This is the hinge mount fully welded to the roll cage and to the body. It is now rock solid, and the door fully aligned with the body. I can hang on the door now and it wont drop.
The door needs some modification as well!
Mr rust has been at it again! new metal will have to go here too.
New metal is now welded into the A post.
All the silver areas are new metal, ~ so that's
most of it then!
The new sill being mocked up prior being trimmed to fit. It does not match the curve of the car so will need modifying, hence the split in the middle.
As you can see here, There is a finger size gap where the curve is all wrong, so all the metal will have to be cut out and remade, *sigh*