This shows how much rear bodywork had to be removed (all of it!) to sort out the rust problem :o(

The new tinwork beginning to go in, ~lower floor panel so far.


The new panels going on, only clipped on so far, waiting for the boot hinges to be constructed.

This shows a close up of the MG bonnet hinges, mounted on a hinge bar, proir to being "made" to fit!

New bootlid fitted with original lock, and hinges mocked up.

A close up of the original lock let into glass lid.

Hinge bar mounted in the rear panel, all tacked together before I found out that boot would not open properly like this! :o(

Hinge pivot points lowered and brought in tight to rear panel, and hinges "stretched" 30mm and reshaped to fit!

Bootlid and rear panel fitted prior to final welding.

Aaahhh! it now works how it should have done the first time! :o)