Another shot of rear sheetmetal and cage.
Roof console, originally for all guages, this has now changed as half will now live in original dashboard.
Another shot showing roof console and 10swg engine bulkhead.
Floor and trans tunnel completed in 10 swg Ally, with seats fitted on cradle across cage. 
Engine after machining,(355 ci) ready for rebuild.
 Engine in, with Jag Mk ll triple core radiator mounted.
This shows how far back and low the engine sits, for the best possible weight balance (nearly 50/50) for good handling.
 This view looks so good it makes me wanna go fenderless! '58 Caddy is friend Mick's.
Mocked up to get general idea of look/stance. 
this shot show trial fit of panels, flip front is only balanced on so far.