The Turf 'n' Surf run 2003 ~ London to Brighton

This won't be as good as one of Holmsey's write ups but here goes!
We all met up at the Battersea Park at about 9.00-10.00 on Sunday morning, chilled out looking at each others rides, and checking out the new 48 Chevy panel van, this is ultra straight and shiny, oh and its a bit big too!!
Sorry that I don't know any/many of anyone's names, they did say but I forgot, doh!!
With about 20 rods/cars we all moved out at about 10.30 am, and drove through the London streets, to the amazement of the locals

Car-park1 car-park2
Driving through the streets I had the Blown T rod behind me, the whine of his blower had the hairs on my neck standing on end, coool!!
Funnily enough, the Black F100 in front of me seemed to get the attention of Joe public more, despite the T announcing itself noisily!!, obviously this struck a chord with the public more.Waiting at the lights there was a long line of rods, which was an excellent sight. With the F100 filling my screen and a line of rods in the rearview mirror, this is how motoring should be. Out on the open road I had the 32 roadster in front of me driving at a healthy pace - within the speed limits of course ;o) looked a bit windy in there!
rear-view on-the-road
We all stopped at the "Pease Pottage" services to regroup as we had got a bit seperated en route, also to grab a coffee and/or burger. By this time the number of rods had swelled to about 40, driving along there were suddenly rods appearing from all sides *cool*
Chevelle- 48-Chevy-panel Blown-T
We all arrived in Brighton around 1.00pm, and cruised down Madeira Drive to the car park where we all parked up for a couple of hours to check out the other cars, go shopping or get a drink. After we had been warmed by the sun but chilled by the wind, we cruised off to Woody's Diner for a meal, passing chris Eubank's in his Rig on the way, he gave us a smile, as I'm pretty sure he digs our kind of cars.
  Ford-Econoline New-Flames    
While we all ate at Woody's about another 20 or so rods and yanks turned up, with everyone standing around chilling and checking over each others cars, with a few showing the amount of torque/horsepower they had *wink* We all started to drift off in the early evening, as some had reasonable distances to travel home, I did ok till I reached the cursed M25, then it was car park all the way home :o(
I'll let the photos speak for themselves now. A big well done to Ian Smith, Robbie Smith & Colin Burbage for organising this event, we all look forward to it again next year.