Billing Show 2003 ~ I can't believe I missed so many cars, sorry!
Photos by Mark Harley

1940 Pontiac

1940 Pontiac.
33 Willy's

33 Willy's.
37 Ford ragtop

37 Ford ragtop.
58 Chevy

58 Chevy.
Billy Gabb's wicked 34

Billy Gabb's wicked 34.
Blown Pop

Blown Pop.
Dodge Charger

Dodge Charger.
Flamed Chevy truck

Flamed Chevy truck.
Flamed Model B

Flamed Model B.
Kustom 1940 Mercury

Kustom 1940 Mercury.
Mercury with VW beetle front lights

Mercury with VW beetle lights.
Mk I woody Cortina

Mk I woody Cortina.
Model A truck

Model A truck.
Phil's Pop

Phil's Pop.
Tasty 32 hiboy

Tasty 32 hiboy.
Tasty hiboy interior

Tasty hiboy interior.
They don't come better than this

They don't come better than this!
Unusual Model B

Unusual Model B.
V8 Beetle

V8 Beetle.
Wild Devon engine

Wild Devon engine.
Wild Devon of Dave brown

Wild Devon of Dave brown.
Wild Devon rear

Wild Devon rear.
heavily modified Ford Pilot

heavily modified Ford Pilot.
smooth 34

smooth 34.
wild-based on Reliant robin

wild-based on Reliant robin.