Ace Cafe Spring Riot ~
Photos by Mark Harley.

350Ci Granada

350Ci Granada.
800 bhp Vette motor

800 bhp Vette motor.
Camaro with traction probs

Camaro with traction probs!
Chevy wagon

Chevy wagon.
F 100

F 100.
Kool modified

Kool modified.
Kool touches

Kool touches.
Kustom Minor

Kustom Minor.

Pro street Stang

Pro street Stang.
Smokin Vette

Smokin Vette.
Suede Kustom

Suede Kustom.

Tough 100e

Tough 100e.
Tuff 55

Tuff 55.
Ultra clean Buick

Ultra clean Buick. -- --