Not a bad shine now, still might put another coat on as its not quite there yet I don't think.
It's now finished (I promise!) except for flatting & polishing.
And in the sunshine.
The masking on the car finally was removed after about 5 years!!!!! The tape needed a little persuasion with some panel wipe (well a few hours. lol) but this is the first time I have seen it unmasked in is glory.
I’m pretty pleased with it, although some of my masking off on the cage was not as well thought out as I thought! Nothing that a lot of polishing wont cure though.
Closer view.
Boot unmasked.

Been waiting for paint to harden off on the flip front so it can go back outside for storage again.

In the meantime I had stripped the inner masking off so today I have been woodworking.

Window templates made for the body, which will make masking off a lot easier.