Got the pop off the stands today, made up a new frame for the front to pick up on suspension points and dropped it down onto some wheel rollers.
I’d forgotten how low the car will be when done, been so used to it being up high for so long.
I moved it over so I can get on with the doors with enough room
Door is ready for the interior gloss here, hopefully get that done tomorrow.
more progress today,
I got both doors prepped today and the insides are now fully glossed in light grey.
This is partly my pet hate of show cars when the interior is not done showing the original paint/rust etc, why when you have finished the outside so well would you leave the inside untouched??

The other reason is that I wanted the inner steel fully waterproofed after it was media blasted, the inside of both doors are fully seam sealed (as are all door skin returns) and now fully glossed so should be rust free for hopefully forever now.
It's been a while since I last posted due to holiday in Scotland and also the recent hot weather. Too hot to bother with sanding down doors, garage can be 30 degrees (good insulation).

Anyway..........back on it again, doors are now prepped and have the final primer coats on the inside;
.Look pretty similar in the photos, but they are shiny, not the smoothest of finishes, but it IS the inside
Inside of doors paint is now finished, yaaaaayyyy!!!!!
I might be anal, but damn they look nice in two colours
I’m very pleased with the seam sealing on all the door skins, nice & smooth.

Did the wiper motor bracket & boot lock too while I had paint in the gun.
Been working too long hours recently to do much on the car, too tired when I finally get home.
Managed to find some energy in the last few days so it has progressed a bit more.

I masked up the doors again and prepped the outer panels, found a couple of blemishes that required a little more filler work to get perfect, but then on with some primer. Today I got the first coat of gloss on each door, only light coats today so gloss is not high yet.



Also got a new toy though it's a bit late in the build to need it now. It's a sheet metal cropper.