And this is the area to get painted.
All shiny and finished wheel arches next.
Arches have been prepped and reprimed where
necessary and are now fully masked for paint.
A few nights later and the rear arches are now in full gloss.
Lots of careful masking, then rubbing down and the worst part of the painting is now finally over, yay! The middle section of the chassis was quite hard to paint lying on my back under the car, thankfully the rest should be a lot easier!
I hand brushed the dash and A post flanges so I can then use those to mask up on for the full gloss on the front of the chassis.
So I can keep the car on stands without damaging the fresh paint my mate Wayne gave me some steel so I could make these frames that fix to the suspension points.
Front one is sitting in the jacking point, it will be made to fit the front suspension points after painting. Chassis is rubbed down prior to final coats of primer now.
Primer all laid on, it looks like gloss in the photo.

And now it really is gloss, at last it's all finished! The easier bits now, doors next after I have checked they still fit correctly after all the bodywork fillering.