I did get the first coat of gloss on tonight last bit of work before op tomorrow.
Side view of chassis in gloss, not much progress for a bit now until my knee heals up, on strict orders not to crawl under car!!

Well its been 4 days since the operation and I was a bit naughty with the knee and went into garage this afternoon.

A good sand down, a quick skim of filler over the welds and a coat of satin black saw the roof panel looking like this;


Well it's been two months with no progress on the car knee was ok for the first few days, but then it decided not to play anymore. It's slowly getting better but it's taking a lot longer than I hoped.

Also with all the snow it's been too cold to paint, so I've just been waiting for it to warm up and for me to heal up!

I've nearly forgotten what the garage looks like, but hope to get some progress in this weekend.

Hi Helen, glad you keep looking


Well what can I say, it's been a hell of a ride over the last 15 months since I last updated the build. 15 months!! where did that go???
Since the last update I had started to buy (with a partner) the company that I worked for which had taken a big hit in the recession, which came perilously close to going under. The good news is that we managed to renegotiate the deal, the old management is gone and we are now in a strong position again.

I also met a new partner, moved in with her and built a small workshop in her garden Just need to sell my place now.
As such I have not worked on the car for 15 months ....until today!

To bring you all up to speed, this is the progress on the new workshop.
Base is laid after cutting down 7 trees! It's a reasonable 6.5 x 4 metres
Garage starts to go up.
After 2 hours.
Roof goes on.

5 hours later and it was done.