Spent most of last week building this for the paint fumes; The filters work great...........except they radically cut down the fans efficiency ~ about 80% !!! so it does not extract the paint fumes now, though it does catch the paint fantastically well.

I took g/f to her first scrapyard trip last weekend for another 16" fan (Volvo's have great slim fans) but we were too late as it had shut for the day. I feel a MKII design coming on.........

Anyway, back to the plot:

Fitted the ignition parts to the panel and drilled and added grommets for the cables, still have to tidy the cables on show later on though.
Started on the floor panels last night, and finished them tonight.
Shame about the two suicidal blackflies that tried doing breaststroke all around the clearcoat, so that made up my mind about laying on a third coat for me
More paint goes on (..and on, and on, and on.........)

Tunnel is now in silver gloss on the side that everyone will see,

firewall is now in silver gloss also.
Jeez, I can't believe it's nearly 2 months since I did an update
Buying into business at work, a bad back and a holiday have firmly put the skids under any forward progress for ages.

Mojo is well & truly lost at present.

Anyway......... a couple of photos of progress from a few of weeks ago, before my back decided to cause me some serious grief I had got as far as masking up the rear end prior to painting the chassis black.

But as usual I went from that to deciding to stonechip the arches first (with added benefit of clearing shelfspace of stonechip ) so seamsealed the arches and masked them as well;
I found a little mojo in the corner under some rags today so the first coat of stonechip is now on, hurray!! Hopefully progress might speed up again now?

got the last coat of stonechip on this afternoon, but it has reacted with the coat that went on last night, I don't know if it is because the previous coat did not dry enough or because it was a different brand of stonechip.

I used 3M 08861 last night, and Tetrosyl stonechip today (which I normally use). 3M is more tar(?) based and the Tetrosyl is more rubber based (I think) Tetrosyl certainly dries very fast and seems to have a nicer overpaintable finish.

Not sure whether to let it dry for a few days or strip it all off again?