woo its hot!!
Not got much done as been away recently, but laid some final coats of clear on the floor section. I used some new clearcoat, MaxMeyer, i'ts far better than the other clear I had, much smoother glossier finish
The new HVLP spraygun is really nice to use too, lays on the paint in very quick passes, no overpasses needed like my DeVilbiss guns, and seems to lay it on flatter (glossier) too.
Now got a bit of an issue with a moany neighbour about the paint fumes so progress is a bit hampered at present. I'll have to build a filtration unit over the extractor fan to hopefully sort the problem.

floors now have a coat of stonechip on them to smooth out the firewall heat barrier paint.

Same for the trans tunnel & the firewall.
Trans tunnel with primer on it.
And finished with gloss grey on it.
under floor with gloss grey.
Then the firewall with the basecoat on it.
And with the finished clearcoat.
While I had a bit of clear in the gun I laid on a last coat on the ignition panel.

And a photo of the completed underside of the floor area, I think it looks pretty good.