I got another coat of primer on the outside of the rear floor section, bit undecided as to whether I should stonechip this before gloss, its between the rear tubs, so should be away from road rash, but I guess its better to do it now than re-do it at a later date.
Stonechipped, re-primed and in gloss grey.
Also glossed the inside of the ignition panel, maybe I'm anal but I like to finish both sides of any panel, a pet hate of mine is seeing top quality cars with overspray or no paint on the inside of doors/panels etc.
Rear floor is now fully glossed on the underside, so its time to do the inside. Grey primer is on here prior to the silver topcoat which should go on soon.
Also started prepping the trans tunnel for paint before the heatproof paint goes on. Seam sealer is over some of the welds to smooth them for paint, as ally does not grind off smoothly as it just clogs the grinder discs.
Its now got its first coat of epoxy primer on it.
Woohoo, silver paint....shiny!
Well, bollocks.

Bought a new HVLP spraygun to try out and thought I'd use it on the final coat of clear on the rear floor. I'd run some thinners through it the night before to see how it sprayed so all seemed good.

Mixed some clearcoat up and went to spray. Arrggghhhh!!!!
Bloody fisheyes all over the paint.
Immediatly wiped it down with a thinners soaked rag and tried another small patch. Same thing.
Re-wiped panel as it may have got contamination on it (unlikely).
Threw paint away and ran more thinners through gun and mixed fresh batch of paint.
Same thing!
Chucked paint into trusty DeVilbiss gun and shot a coat over, but it still has some fisheyes in the paint, so will be sanding the whole lot back again today

Stripped gun completely after to see what the problem was, and behind the needle tip there was a big mass of what appeared to be silicone sealer in there!!?? or possibly (solid) silicone grease? WTF?????

Cleaned all this out and will try some paint on a test panel tonight, on the upside the gun did seem to spray well with much less overspray though


last night flatted the floor panel down and then painstakingly 'dobbed' in all the pits in the clearcoat with a tiny brush.

Then flatted it all back again this morning to try another clearcoat on it. I broke through the silver in a coupe of places, so blew those back in first then went over with another coat of clear.

All seemed ok with the new gun this time, it lays the paint on nice. On the last few 'finish' passes though, a few bloody fisheyes appeared again!

I'll have to flat it right back and start again, you can just see the crap parts on this photo.


On the plus side I silvered and clearcoated the ignition panel, and that seemed to come out ok.

Also used the new gun to gloss grey the underside of the tunnel, and this came out lovely.