The side window frames are also now painted, the next stage will be the door frames, dashboard, and above the front screen.
Its been a while since any updates, a new partner, Christmas and a couple of skiing holidays have slowed things down a bit. But the roof section above the screen, the dashboard and both door frames are now prepped, painted and glossed. Not many photos to show for it, the next step will be painting the cage.
And this is what it looks like unmasked.
View from the back of the car, the cage will be the next part.
While that was all drying, I made these up at work.

Which will make painting these much easier.

Got the cage in primer now, a right pain in the backside to paint the back edges(sides?) of the tubes near the bodywork. Think I'll have to buy some of those little paint pads from B&Q to get to those areas then paint the cage after.
Well after 2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 years of sanding, masking and priming I finally got some gloss on today.
This has been the longest, most tedious part of the build so far, and that includes grinding down the 30 feet of weld on the rear arches!!
Apologies for the new size photos as new camera has different aspect ratio so depending on which camera I use they may be different sizes from now on.

Wide angle view of most of cage.