I laid this glass slab up, 22 layers of 400gram matt, don't it get hot when it cures! This is about 1/2" thick and will be cut into blocks and drilled & tapped before being bonded into the lower spoiler edge to bolt the splitter to..
Well I overestimated on how big a slab to make (anyone need some 1/2" thick glass) and also on how thick it needed to be ~ thank goodness for belt sanders!
1st block is tapped & sanded a bit (lot) thinner, lol think I'll cut the rest down on the bandsaw at work.
Got my grills back from the powder coaters today.
Had to put them straight back on the car, (as you do, lol) to see how they look, I'm totally chuffed with them.
You all may be wondering what the glass 'fishfingers' were for, lol.
Well here they are bonded to the front of the car, they will be glassed in properly later but they are for bolting the front splitter to.

The splitter is clipped to the front, yet to decide how much should protude from the front of the bodywork though? (it will be trimmed to follow the body shape).

The splitter is now cut to size and fitted to the front.
Finally in the good weather I got 2 coats of epoxy primer on the inside of the front (it took 2 hours to mask the thing!).
....and 3 litres of stonechip later.

It's now been primed over the stonechip again.