Starting on the first front grill now.
Mostly done, but only clamped in at present.
I knocked up these studs made from stainless 4mm csk bolts and stainless sheet.
They are glued on with Araldite and will be glassed in after its set.
The first grill is completed and bolted on to the studs.

And how it looks on the outside.

Front grills also finished.
Not done a lot on the Pop for a week or two due to the Camaro needing my attention (its for sale now) but I've now finished the front grills and they were dropped off at the powder coaters today. I collected all my other bits that have been done at the same time;
Seat frames, headliner bars, engine mounts, axle flanges, alternator brackets, fuel tank frame, battery tray, and a few odd brackets. Far easier to have coated that try to paint them.
As it was such a lovely day today it seemed a good opportunity to get a little more painting done, so the rear wing got finish coated and the scoop has 2 coats on it, one more to go.

Looking nice and shiny now.