New stronger mounts have now been made and welded on, correctly positioned so as not to stress the front end now.
More detailing, the gaps were way too big, so I ground all the edges back and added new glass then trimmed it all back to the correct panel gap sizes.
A light skim of filler and the Dzus now fitted and its almost done.
You can get a better idea here, this is the passenger side with the first couple of layers of matt going on.
Drivers side is now smoothed off, and a guide coat of primer added.

Passenger side is mostly built up again here.

And now fully smoothed and primed to check it.
The nose has also been getting some attention, new gelcoat has been added to the centre bar sides to build them up so I can round off the edges nicely.
I've now got the bonnet welting, so fibreglass has been added to the flip front to get it to sit level with the bodywork when closed.

Dzus fittings are now done with 3mm stainless bolts holding them on.